How to use Fraclac Plugin in ImageJ software for measuring fractal dimension?

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I want to measure fractal dimension of the pattern using ImageJ software.


I follow this method to prepare image for measuring fractal dimension:
(1) Open—>Process—>Binary—>make Binary—>
(2) Process—>Binary—>outline

Here, I have a problem. There are two methods for measuring fractal dimension.
(a) Analyze —> Tools —> Fractal Box Count
(b) Plugins—> Fractal Analyzsis —> FracLack ( I use FracLack2015Sep.)

** I measured fractal dimension by using these methods and I have two different values. Which method is better than other? I think method (b) is better than (a).

When I use FracLack I set it like below:

Is it correct?


Sorry for the delay in response… I think this might be your best advice:

There are not too many experts on fractals on here. Perhaps @rimadoma??

Otherwise - follow @stelfrich’s old response… Sorry I cannot be of more help!



Hi @Alireza2017

The ImageJ plugin (Analyze —> Tools —> Fractal Box Count) uses the box counting method for estimating fractal dimension. Assuming that you’re using box counting with FracLac as well, there are many factors that can alter the results: box sizes used, grid orientation, statistical methods used to find the dimensionality etc. These details probably vary in these two implementations. Maybe the way to go is to get a “composite” estimate of fractal dimensionality by using different methods and parameters.

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