How to use core.snapImage() function

I add a camera Blackfly S to Micro-Manager. And I have code to move xyz stage automatedly. Now I want to use core.snapImage() to save one picture for every single point after moving the stage. But this function doesn’t work. Also I noticed if I want to snap a picture manually I need to “stop live” first and then click “snap”. But I can also click “to Album” to capture the picture without “stop live”. So how should I use “snap” and core.snapImage correctly? Thanks for your help!


Hi @Qin_Luo, welcome to this forum!

It would help if you could explain a bit more what you try to accomplish, and isolate the exact problem you run into. For instance, are you writing a beanshell script in micro-manager, or are you using the Pycro-manager birdge, or doing something different altogether?

Do you want live mode to be active while you snap your image (and if so, why?)

The simplest way to check if the snapImage function works, is to snap an image using the Micro-Manager user interface (while live mode is off). That uses the core.snapImage() function, and would establish that it can work.