How to use an exported model?

First of all I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your work on DLC!

Another user has been so kind and sent me an exported model for the sort of tracking I need for my experiments. However, upon receiving it I’m not quite sure how to make use of it - I’m aware that the export function was introduced with DLC-live, so I’m not sure if it’s currently only possible to use them with DLC-live and not DLC? There’s no config.yaml file amongst what I’ve received, so as far I can tell I’m not able to use it within the GUI. Might there be a terminal implementation?

Hope you can help me, and once again THANKS for this amazing piece of software!

Hi! to use the exported model, you can load it into DLC-Live! and run a video analyse (if if not ‘live!’) the export function does package a config file with the network though, so maybe see what they sent you :). Otherwise, you can load a model as we do for the model zoo as well, if you want to look into that code! (or I can point you otherwise)

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Great, thanks for the reply!
There’s unfortunately no config file (however I’ve gotten a copy subsequently). I don’t know if the export function hasn’t been adapted to multianimal perhaps? Here’s an overview of what I’ve received:

I just tried it out briefly with DLC-Live!, and ideally I’d just be using it as for the model zoo for now. Is it possible to do something like deeplabcut.create_pretrained_project, but swapping “model” with a path to the exported model folder? I looked through the code, but I’m not quite sure how to accomplish it (or how to modify the code accordingly). Pointers welcomed! :smiley: