How To Track Objects with no Merging or Splitting Events?


I am an undergraduate student that is tracking the movement of cells in a monolayer. I am loving Cell Profiler, but I am having some issues with the TrackObjects module. I have been using Overlap to track cells with maximum distance of matching at 1, but after numerous frames, TrackObjects still has made matches will multiple cells and they have the same identification number. I was wondering how can I set up TrackObjects so that the matches are only made with one other cell (as in the same cell from the previous frame)? Is this possible?



Edit to include figures:

Here is the images I am working with along with my current pipeline:

It’s hard to diagnose this without more information, can you attach some sample images and your pipeline? Thanks.

Certainly, sorry for not doing that in my original post. I have added some images that I created using SeedWaterSegmenter. As you can see, there is minimal movement between frames and I would like to keep as few matches as possible from frame to frame using TrackObjects (or whatever other module that would work best in this case). Thanks in advance!

Can you upload the actual pipeline file, not just a screenshot? Thanks.