How to take a snapshot in every point of the grid?

Hi all!

I am using QuPath 0.2.3 and I need to take one snapshot at every grid point (see attached image 01).

Right now I am doing: Zoom in at every grid point and then manually “File / Export snapshot / Main window screenshot” to get “Main window screenshot” (image 02).

Question 1: is there a way to create a keyboard shortcut for the function “File / Export snapshot / Main window screenshot”? If so, the manual process of exporting snapshots will be less tedious.

Question 2: Even better than previous question, is there any way to automatize this manual exporting snapshots process? I mean to automatically take a snapshot at a selected zoom level in every grid point?

Question 3: Could be possible to take snapshots at every grid point of “current viewer content” in an automatic way? I mean to have just one image file with the two images one above and the other one below (see attached image 03)


Mc A.

Hi @User333, have you looked at the TileExporter?

If the TileExporter doesn’t do what you need, can you explain more why you need the snapshots?

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