How to sum Leaf Area Values?

Hi everyone!

I’m a universitary student and I need some help about ImageJ functions and macros.
I heve no knowledge about Java Language or ImageJ macro’s program language, but I need to create a small macro for sum leaves areas. Here’s the issue: the program gives me data about singles leaf area, but i’m still sum them using the PC calculator; of course, this method is terrible. I’ve find this link: Area Calculator , but everytime i use this macro code the program bloks and i need to force quit from Windows Task Manager for restart again.
What i should do?


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Please submit a second annotated image.
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Thanks for your suggestions!

Here’s some screenshots (hoping they’re visible):

ImageJ 2 pr.bmp (2.7 MB)
ImageJ pr.bmp (2.4 MB)

As you can see there’s no Sum value avaible, but only Min, Max, SD and Mean. My question is about to add a Sum option to my analysis.
In the second image i try to put the code from the previous link into the Macro Table, but the program crashes. Probably I don’t know how to make it works, because it’s the first time that I’m using ImageJ.

Thanks for your kindness, hoping that the posting is correct in its form now.

In analyze Particles “check” Summarize ".
Here is an example.

run("Blobs (25K)");
//setThreshold(121, 255);
setOption("BlackBackground", false);
run("Convert to Mask");
run("Set Measurements...", "area area_fraction limit display redirect=None decimal=3");
run("Analyze Particles...", "display summarize add");
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Perfect, It works for me!