How to stop ImageJ from taking raw image parameters from filename

I am frequently using Import | Raw to load files of the same size (640 x 640). The files are named with the creation time at the end of the name: blahblah_11-45-34.raw for a file created at 11:45:34

ImageJ fills in the Raw dialog with 11, 45 and 34 for the x, y and n parameters instead of the values saved in the IJ_prefs.txt file.

How can I get it to use the IJ_prefs.txt values only (i.e. no file name parsing)?

Upgrade to the ImageJ 1.52m43 daily build and Import>Raw will only do file name parsing when the name uses the ‘x’ delimiter. For example, opening “name-640x480.raw” results in “Width:” in the Import dialog being set to 640 and “Height:” being set to 480, but “Width:” and “Height:” will use the default values when opening “name-640-480.raw”