How to stitch images in desired order?

I’m trying to stitch 9 images(field 1 ~ field 9). It should be in 3 x3 rows and columns.
The problem is, the tool I used to take the image of the cell always take in this order :

Field 2 Field 3 Field 4
Field 6 Field 1 Field 5
Field 7 Field 8 Field 9

Changing the image file name is another way(which is unpreferred) and also I’ve tried using ‘Position from file > Defined by TileConfiguration’. Correcting every pixel location of the layout file.

My question is,is there a easier way? Would it be possible to stitch them in desired order without changing every pixel location or changing the title of the image file?

Thank you

So far there is no other way to stitch with that tile configuration. I would recommend you to write a script to create automatically the TileConfiguration file if you know the size of the images and their overlap.