How to sort the tracks spatially

I have been using trackmate to track the displacement of a discrete array of dots over a test specimen, with a view to measure its mechanical properties. When extracting the xml file using the ”ImportTrackmateTracks” function within Matlab it seems that the tracks are sorted with no particular order (i.e. track 1 is not necessarily spatially localised near track 2). Is there any logics behind the way tracks are organised ? I am trying to sort the tracks spatially so that at the first frame, tracks are arranged in ascending order from left to right and top to bottom. I have attached a picture of what it would look like:

Any idea or help would be much appreciated,

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Hi Coz,

In TrackScheme, the tracks are arranged from left to right following the alphanumerical order of their name.

Each track is a column in TrackScheme. The header of such column contains the track name. If you double-click on it, you will be able to edit its name. Pressing the Layout button after this will reorder the tracks.

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Awesome, that worked great ! thanks tinevez.
Now if I have many, many tracks, reorganising them manually in TrackScheme will be a rather tedious job. Am I right thinking that a Matlab routine that allows to sort the tracks spatially might be a good solution in that paticular case ?

I would instead directly operate in TrackMate and create an Action that would do that.

Check the manual to see how to write a custom TrackMate action, that would appear on the last panel of the GUI:

The action to write would be a track renamer that would assign to each track a name according to its spatial position.

Ok, will give that a try. thanks tinevez

Dear Coz,
Did you succeed? I would be quite interested in having a solution to sort tracks by their spatial position in TrackScheme.


Hi Rafael,
I haven’t been able to develop further this, so I went by Tinevez first suggestion,