How to setup mvn for debugging fiji plugins?

I’m having a hard time setting up my development environment.

I want to try to hack around with the TrakEM2 plugin. I can’t figure out how to attach the debugger when launching ImageJ

The following correctly attaches the debugger but many plugins don’t work, and I don’t see the Fiji logo in the title bars.

   <commandlineArgs>-jar -agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,server=n,address=${jpda.address}  "${}/jars/ij-1.50e.jar"</commandlineArgs>

On the other hand if I launch like, the debugger doesn’t attach from the IDE but the plugins work…


Whats the paradigmatic way to do this? What do you guys have in your POM files?

For remote debugging we don’t launch via Maven. The ImageJ launcher has a flag to handle this - so you can just start your normal Fiji installation, then attach to the running process (e.g. by launching TrakEM2 as a remote application via Eclipse).

Alternatively you can launch directly from Eclipse for a non-remote workflow, by using the Debug helper class. But this won’t give you the full environment you’d get from remote debugging.

ij.ImageJ is ImageJ 1.x; Fiji uses net.imagej.Main as its entry point.

That’s because -agentlib is being passed as an argument to the launcher, and apparently the launcher is not propagating that argument to the JVM. If you just use\


I’m guessing it will work…