How to set default gamma in live preview

I’m somewhat new to micro-manager, I working with the MM 2.0.0 gamma 20200310 nightly build. I have been trying to find a way to set the default gamma setting in the live preview window. The live preview has started defaulting to a value of 10.0 and im not sure how or why it has changed from the normal default value of1.0. Images from multi-d acquisition will still default to a gamma of 1.0, so the issue/inconvenience is only occurring with the live preview option.

I have went through every menu and cannot find the option to change the default gamma setting, if anyone knows where the option is located please let me know.


EDIT: Is the default gamma sample dependent? I have been imaging a few different fluorescent constructs, when imaging the first few constructs I had the issue of the default gamma being set to 10.0 and having to manually change it to 1.0 every time I opened the live preview. However, I switched to the demo configuration before imaging my last construct and now the default gamma is set to 1.0 again. Im uncertain if this is due to the sample or possibly resetting the default by swapping between hardware configurations.

The current code remembers all displaysettings of the Snap/Live window, but also remembers displaysettings of all “channels” that you ever used. When restoring the Snap/live displaysettings, it will “overwrite” these with the channel displaysettings (but not store them when the Snap/Live window closed). So, you can manipulate these stored channel display settings by running an MDA that uses them. To me this is very confusing behavior, so I just removed this “overwriting” part (which should fix your original problem).

You can either upgrade to tomorrow’s nightly build (which has simpler behavior), delete the user profile and start a fresh one, or figure out how to manipulate the code you are currently using.

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