How to separate overlapping plants

Sample image



As you can see, I planted 3 plants in one pot.

Analysis goals

  • What I want to do is to separate the 3 plants, and then measure the area of each plant separately
    I have thousands of pictures to deal with, but I am not very familiar with imageJ, so I want to ask you guys, I hope to get your reply, I will be grateful.


There are many overlapping parts of the leaves. How do I divide the overlapping parts?

I used trainable weka segementation to train a classifier, which can roughly identify the edge of the plant, but for the place where I circled (that is, the overlapped part), the classifier cannot identify, what should I do?


Dear @Ja_son,

Try to define the pixel between your leaf as class2 and your leaf as class 1 you will get better result.

Classified image

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The plugin ‘Detect Edges’ may work well for you.