How to select double ROI simultaneously?

Is it possible to choose two ROIs on one image simultaneously?

Please read again:

The method is:

roiManager("Select", newArray(0,1));
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@Mathew I need to choose without the macro language. I need systematic way. In that post the solution was specific.

it is like selecting multiple files on your system
you cmd or ctrl + left click on the roi on the roimanager list.


@emartini Tried that but only selects the first one.

When you have them both selected, go to the “More” button and click “OR (Combine)”


@lmurphy I did that and here is the result:
I think it is because one of the ROI is fully inside the bigger ROI, it only shows the bigger ROI.
I need an other solution…

If it’s the case that you need to just visualise both simultaneously then you could click the “XOR” function again. That will essentially make a donut of the two.

I can’t immediately think of why else you’d need to select both so could you explain why you need to select both of them?


@lmurphy Thanks so much. For now I needed to just visualize both.