How to segment the selera and iris to calculate the area for imageJ?

I am trying to segment the selera and iris (foreground) to calculate the area of the eye opening. However, i am having troubles segmenting them from the background (eyelashes, skin etc.). I have tried using the freehand selection tool which is not accurate and i have many batches which makes it very time consuming. I have also tried colour threshold, threshold and SOIX segmentation but could not come close to what i want. Are there any more other ways i can do this?

Hi y.l

Can you provide us with a couple of examples, please? otherwise it’s really hard to help you.


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Hi i cannot provide you with my samples for various reasons however, i can show you from a stock image.


I need to find out the selected area with accuracy. Is there any way?

One way to create a selection for your purpose is to use the polygonal selection for a rough
selection. You can then convert the selection to a spline (Edit->Selection->Fit Spline) which helps massively to create a fast and accurate selection for shapes in images like this.

By the way you can add (Shift+Mouseclick on selection point) and remove (Alt+Mouseclick on selection point) points of a selection, too (Windows).

Please consult the documentation:

Apropos, when you use the ROI Manager to store the ROI’s (selections) you can enable them on another new image and then adjust it for the new image.

If you have several templates (eyes) you can do the selection more effectively.

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