How to segment out and compute area of the vessel lumen free of thrombus?

Here is the image Need a example macros to segment a thrombus and caclulate it`s area
Thank you

What about you keep using SIOX and the particle analyzer?

This is what I got after selecting the vessel as foreground and the rest as bacground in SIOX and using the subtracting tool:

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We need lumen area free of thrombus not jist entire lumen area and what is the difference between Results.xls and ResultsofSegmentedStack being generated by SIOX? Thank you

What do you mean then? Can’t you create a binary image with the entire lumen area and remove the thrombus area using the previously calculated image? Maybe it’s easier if you send us an example of the images you expect to obtain.

Results.xls is usually the data from the Results window that you obtain when click on Analyze > Measure. From the name, I guess “ResultsofSegmentedStack” contains the measurements from your SIOX-segmented stack.