How to segment color objects in RGB image

Hi there,

I manually segmented the cells with IdentifyObjectMAnualls module and saved them as tiffs. And I need to use these as objects for the analysis of a time lapse sequence. But I am having trouble finding a (best) way to achieve that, i.e. use these segmented cells as objects. Intuitively I wanted to try ColorToGray or UnmixColors modules, but I get an error message saying the image isn’t color, but grayscale.

Please help.
Thanks, Jama.


The error you’re getting is likely due to your settings in NamesAndTypes; make sure in the “Select the image type” is set to “Color image”.

Note that there’s also an option in NamesAndTypes to set the image type to Object; if in your first pipeline when you manually identified the cells you’ve used the SaveImages with the Type set to Objects or if you used ConvertObjectsToImage with the format set to Grayscale or unit16 , you can take the resulting segmentations from that first pipeline and directly load them as objects. Since you’re mentioning color images, though, I’m guessing you used ConvertObjectsToImage with the Color setting, in which case yes, you need to do ColorToGray plus IdentifyPrimaryObjects to get something close to your original objects back out again. Something to keep in mind for future time lapse movies!