How to see which image an ROI came from?

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to see which image an ROI was saved from in the ROI manager. I saved several ROIs to the ROI manager (one ROI per image), but I can’t tell from the label which ROI corresponds to which image. Is there a way to see that detail somehow?

Hello Kate -

I’m pretty sure that there is not.

An important purpose of ROIs is that they have lives independent
of the images on which they may (or may not) have been originally
created. (And an important purpose of the ROI manager is to be
able to reuse the same ROI on multiple images.)

I think that the only way you could do this would be to encode the
image name (or index) in the name of the ROI, or store it in some
other data structure.

Thanks, mm

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Perhaps one could also use the recently added group property by assigning a number to each source image.

Probably too late already:
Prior to saving ROIs in the ROI you can rename them, giving each ROI the name of the source file and the slice it was created on. Then keep ROIs together with the image files in one folder.