How to Save Sholl Metrics for MAC users?


I was using the lab. computer (Microsoft Software) before where I could easily copy and paste the Sholl-profiles and metrics to an excel file. However, now I cannot export them from my MacBook Pro. It does not allow me to copy tables created by ImageJ-Sholl Analysis. Does anyone have the same issue? Do you know how can I export Sholl tables with a MacBook?

@marymer, I don’t think anything changed between operating systems. There were some complains about tables not being easily saved (IJ2 tables don’t have (yet) contextual menus for common operations), but you should be able to use on the following workarounds:

  • With the table as the active, frontmost window, run Fiji’s File>Export>Table…. It will allow you save the table

  • When analyzing images, select the_Save files_ checkbox and specify a Destination directory in the Sholl dialog. By doing so, tables will be automatically saved (as CSV files).

  • Try pre-selecting the table contents using Ctrl+ A (Cmd+ A on MacOS) before the copy operation with Ctrl+ C (Cmd+ C on MacOS)