How to save Pixel Values simple

How can I save a Pixel Value Image in a simple way,
like ascreenshot of the window.
I tried already Text Image, but I receive lots of datas.
I have no experience with Python, Macros or so…
Thks for your help
Kind regards

I’m not sure I understand your question.
But if you want to save an image as it is displayed you can save in JPEG or PNG?

I tried first as you can image. The result was a black window.
Kind regards

:upside_down_face: This is a tricky situation here. :thinking:
Normally I would ask to post a screenshot to better understand what you mean. But it seems as if exactly that is the problem.
On what operating system are you working?
Do you know the keyboard keys to capture an image of your screen?
To give you an example:
On Windows you can press the ‘PRINT’ key. Then you have the content of your screen invisible in the Windows clipboard.
Then you can open this invisible content in ImageJ by using the menu command File>New>System clipboard. Now you should see an image of your screen.
Finally you can use the ImageJ menu command File>Save As to save the image as a file.
Does this help or are you still lost?