How to save images so they can be seen in finder preview

I recently upgraded to the newest version of Fiji for Mac and now am having a problem saving images that can be seen by other programs. Formerly I would process an image in Fiji and to save it so that I could view it easily on my Mac and easily import into PS or ppt I would flatten the image and save as a tif. Now when I try to flatten the image I get an error message about overlay or selection required. And if I just proceed to save as a tif the image is only black in my finder window and when I try to open it in PS it’s black on black. Any suggestions?

Flatten does 2 things:

  1. Burn the scale bar or other overlay onto the image
  2. Convert the image to RGB.

So if you don’t have an overlay, Image > Type > RGB Color will do step 2, giving you a TIFF in a format that Preview, Photoshop, & PowerPoint can display.

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This behavior was introduced by a recent commit from June 13. With earlier versions, the Flatten command simply created an RGB image when there was no overlay present.

It’s up to @Wayne’s discretion whether this is considered a regression or an intended change in ImageJ 1.x behavior.

This happens if you save 16-bit images that are autoscaled in ImageJ but will be displayed at their 0-65535 intensity range in other programs such as Finder and Photoshop. See here for more info regarding image types in ImageJ.

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The regression that caused the Flatten command to not work with non-RGB images when there was no overlay or ROI present is fixed in the latest ImageJ daily build (1.51e36).