How to save drawn arrows on an OIB file?

So I have a stack of images that is saved as an OIB and I’d like to place markings on it (such as arrows using the arrow tool), but I can’t figure out how to save it so that I can open up the same OIB file with the arrows I’ve placed. How can I do this?

Hi @dcd

I don’t think you can do this directly by resaving as OIB.
What you could do is to annotate your image (overlay, ROI) and then save it as an ImageJ TIFF. ImageJ will be able to retrieve the annotation when you reopen the TIFF image (but not other softwares).

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I agree with @tinevez that saving to an open format such as TIFF is your best bet. The open-source community—and Bio-Formats project in particular, which is what handles opening OIB—eschews creating writers for proprietary formats such as OIB for many reasons; see this paper for details.