How to save .csv file on maDLC


I am working on tracking multiple animals using DLC v2.2b6.
I want predicted coordinates as .csv format so I executed below:

dlc.analyze_videos(path_config, path_videofile, save_as_csv=True, gputouse=0, videotype=".mp4")

However, it outputs only these two files, outputDLC_resnet50_PROJECTNAME_multiJun5shuffle1_200000_full.pickle and outputDLC_resnet50_PROJECTNAME_multiJun5shuffle1_200000_meta.pickle

How can I get .csv file?

In analyze_videos, it seems to be used a function named AnalyzeMultiAnimalVideo when multi-animal project, in contrast AnalyzeVideo when single-animal project.
AnalyzeVideo calls auxiliaryfunctions.SaveData and it may saves .csv when save_as_csv=True.
However AnalyzeMultiAnimalVideo does not.
Perhaps maDLC does not support outputting .csv?

because at analyze_video you only get pretracked data, not the final product. Please carefully review the docs, as you need to then create tracklets. You can also watch the YouTube tutorials, all link at