How to remove time label added as overlay (Image-Stack-Label)?


I can add time labels to my frames through Image - Stack - Label… with the “Add as Overlay” option. I was wondering if there is the possibility to remove specific overlays or time labels? I can’t seem to find a way to do it. Overlay manager doesn’t display anything. But if I “list” overlays through overlay manager, I see time labels and scale bar. If I remove overlays through the overlay manager, I remove scale bar as well. I guess, there should be a way to do it.

I have found a partial solution immediately after posting the question. I had to convert overlays under Image - Overlay - To ROI Manager. I could see all the Overlays as ROI and edit them. After editing, I could close the ROI manager which automatically asked for saving these as overlays. The only problem is that the scale bar gets a border with several points around it after the conversion, which never disappears. I could not find a way to remove the borders.

I find that the overlay is very responsive to different kinds of clicks and shortcut keys (even if I tend to forget which).

For example, either holding down the Alt key and clicking on a ROI on an overlay will select it, and so too will clicking on the ROI for more than a second or two. Once selected, most ROIs can be deleted immediately from an overlay by pressing ‘backspace’. However, this doesn’t work for text ROIs unless the ‘Ctrl’ key is held down as well, since the backspace key alone will just delete the text character by character.

I tested this on a Mac, so I’m not sure if the Windows or Linux keys would be different (although from looking at this code combined with this bit I don’t think they are).

If you need to remove many ROIs from an overlay, according to specific criteria, then it might be helpful to explore using the Overlay macro functions as well to select each ROI in turn, and then remove it if it required. But that would be a bigger task.


A label is added to each ROI when you “Save as Overlay” after closing the ROI Manager. You can remove the labels by unchecking “Show labels” in the Image>Overlay>Labels dialog.