How to remove noise of saturate circle?

We have images where there are noise of light(saturate) circle, which is caused by 2nd antibody trapped in gel.
How to delete the bright circles on the image? Thanks!
Noise features:
shape: small circle
Intensity: extremely bright, saturated

Go read the posts that are there:

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Thank you! I tried the filters especially the kuwahara ones. In attachment is a copy of original and filtered one. They do work but not enough satisfying. I think what is better instead of using a filter is to recognize all the small solid circle and remove them, only remaining the spindle shape of cell(OPN) staining. I know that the imageJ can recognize circle which we use to count cell nucleus, but how to remove circle shape from an image?191117 ask about image noise remove of opn 2.tif (1.9 MB) 191119 ask about image noise remove of opn 2 after process.tif (1.9 MB)