How to remove lattice pattern from an EM image using ImageJ?



I am working on Electron Microscopy (EM) images. There are some lattice pattern inside images that I want to remove. I am using following approach:

  1. Perform Fourier Transform (FFT)

  2. Remove certain frequencies

  3. Perform Inverse Fourier Transform (IFT)

I know about FT and IFFT, but don’t know how can I remove / lower the certain frequencies so that I can remove the lattice pattern when I perform IFT on a fourier transformed image.

Is there any approach in imageJ for removing the lattice pattern from image? or can anybody guide in this regard please?

P.S Image is attached for reference.



Good day Ali,

the strange thing with your image is, that—what I assume being—the lattice has various orientations and may consist of two dominant spatial frequencies.

In any case you may have a look at:

In fact, it depends on your expertise concerning the differentiation between signal and noise (lattice pattern) to construct the adequate filter function.