How to remove Imagej/FIJI completely and have a clean install

Hello Folks,

I’ve been using a couple of plugins and they work fine on other computers. They used to work fine on my computer as well but after a colleague of mine used the software and plugins he started to get this weird behavior. I’ve tried removing everything and reinstalling Fiji but it didn’t work. For example with template mashing plugin I used to be able to used the slider on my stack while the algorithm was aligning it. Not it simply get stuck. The algorithm itself works and aligns. I’ve done clean installation on another computer today and everything seems to be working.

Is there a way to remove everything related to imagej and clean install it? Thanks!

Try Edit :arrow_forward: Options :arrow_forward: Reset… and see if that restores the original behavior.

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Thank you, thank you and thank you!! This was so annoying and now it’s fixed.