How to remove background of image?

Hi everyone, I’m new to ImageJ. Now I have an image sequence showing a fabric cross section in black. The background colour is white. I’d like to view only the black part in 3D viewer but failed due to the opaque white background… Is there anyway to remove the background or make it transparent in imageJ? Selecting the fabric manually wouldn’t be practical as there’re more than 1000 images in the image sequence.

Thank you.

Hi @Bombard

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Would you be able to post an original image as an example? That would be helpful - then we can try to recreate your issue and find a solution…

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Hi @Bombard, and welcome!

You might try Image > Lookup Tables > Invert LUT. It will display your image as white-on-black, instead of black-on-white.

Hope this helps.


Many thanks for your help. :slight_smile: Your answer was the exact solution I was looking for. :slight_smile:

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Hi Etarena,

Thanks for the reply. I have solved the issue using tswayne’s solution. :slight_smile: Thank you all the same.

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