How to read the value of a point in the FFT and Complex output windows

Readings the output of the FFT of the picture of a circle in ImageJ at some random point (163,128) I get X_{\text{Re}}=-0.182 and X_{\text{Im}}=-3.854, using the Complex plot (yellow dot). The value on the output on the FFT plot is 32 (cross cursor symbol):

I don’t understand why the relation between this latter value (32), which I presumed it was the amplitude, and the real and imaginary components, i.e. \vert X[k]\vert=\sqrt{X_\text{Re}^2+X_\text{Im}^2}, is not fulfilled.

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in order to cope with the high dynamics of Fourier-spectra, ImageJ shows the power spectrum with logarithmic values.

More information is in the ImageJ manual:

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