How to read series name in multiseries file using SCIFIO

How can I read the series names in metadata of a multiseries file opened by SCIFIO (via Bio-Formats)?

What I’d like to get is the names Position1, Position2 etc. from a Metamorph .nd file, as they are displayed in a Bio-Formats Series Options dialog:

Is this possible using SCIFIO?

I can get the ImageMetadata like this:

Format format = formatService.getFormat(ndFile.getAbsolutePath());
Metadata metadata = format.createParser().parse(ndFile);
int nSeries = metadata.getImageCount();
ImageMetadata imageMetadata = metadata.get(0);

… but I didn’t find the series names anywhere in the metadata.

(If not SCIFIO, I’d also be interested in an example of retrieving the series name using Bio-Formats directly.)

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With pure Bio-Formats (thanks to the great example gist by @ctrueden), I figured how to get the names printed:

#@ File input

import loci.formats.ImageReader
import loci.formats.MetadataTools

reader = new ImageReader()
omeMeta = MetadataTools.createOMEXMLMetadata()
nSeries = reader.getSeriesCount()

nSeries.times {
  println omeMeta.getImageName(it)

Still interested in a solution using #scifio though…


Here is a gist showing how to read OME metadata using SCIFIO:

And here is a version of your code using the approach from the gist:

#@ File input
#@ SCIFIO scifio

import io.scif.ome.OMEMetadata

// Read _only_ the metadata from a file without opening pixels.
globalMeta = scifio.initializer().parseMetadata(input.getAbsolutePath())

// Convert globalMeta above to omeMeta
omeMeta = new OMEMetadata(scifio.context())
scifio.translator().translate(globalMeta, omeMeta, true)

omeRoot = omeMeta.getRoot()
omeRoot.getImageCount().times {
  println omeRoot.getImageName(it)
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Thanks, Curtis, for this example.

Unfortunately, the SCIFIO version of the code gives me the file path (the same for each series), not the series names as they’re displayed in the Bio-Formats Import dialog, i.e.:


… from my code example is returning something different than:


… from the SCIFIO version :astonished:


I was testing with the .nd file from this folder, for example, where I expect to get:

Stage1 "Row0_Col0"
Stage2 "Row1_Col0"
Stage3 "Row0_Col1"
Stage4 "Row1_Col1"

Hi @imagejan, the text displayed in the Bio-Formats Series Options is not the actual series name stored in the metadata but is instead created from a number of different pieces of metadata

The code which generates those labels is here:

Alright, thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Nevertheless, I’m able to successfully get the desired output in this case (Stage1 "Row0_Col0") using exclusively Bio-Formats API, but struggle to get the same using SCIFIO…

Sorry @imagejan for the delay in reply. I guess this is a limitation of SCIFIO that we should address. You could file an issue in the SCIFIO repository or maybe in the scifio-bf-compat repository. Sorry to say that it may sit for awhile, though.

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