How to properly depend on bio-formats-tools.jar?

Dear community, Dear @OMETeam ,

@NicoKiaru and I created an IJ plugin to convert files to pyramidal ome.tif based on the bfconvert cmd line tool, available on github .

We would like to distribute it through our update site (PTBIOP), but one of the dependencies bio-formats-tools.jar doesn’t seem to be bundled with FIJI.

Should we upload it on our own update site?
I guess it might be better to have it on Bio-formats update site, isn’t it ?

Looking forward to your inputs,

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Hi Romain, if the format-tools jar is required then it would make sense for OME to manage it alongside the rest of the Bio-Formats jars. It would then likely be updated on the same schedule as the Bio-Formats releases. I was planning on doing a Bio-Formats 6.3.0 release next week and could also include the format-tools as part of that process if that timeframe works for you?


Hi David,

finally did you include the format-tools ? It looks like no, looking at the jars in a fresh FIJI (v6.3.0 is there). Could you do it in a next release ? This would work with me and @romainGuiet.