How to program a macro to get angles from three points using multipoint, (law of cosines)

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Hope that you are all fine. I’m not very advanced with ImageJ, I hope you guys can help. I have sets of images with structures (figure) I need to find the angle between center points of structures. Of course I can use angle tool and measure the angle, but since there are so many structures, I want to write a program so that user gets the angle by clicking center of the structures using muliti-point.

I didn’t do a lot of programming in ImageJ just by digging in Built-in Macro Functions in imagej website i started my code as following,

if (!isOpen("Log"))
	print("Instructions:\n  Select three points\n ");

// open an image
Imagename = File.openDialog("Open an Image to analyze");
if (Imagename=="")
write("Image name = "+Imagename);
getPixelSize(unit, pw, ph, pd);

// User Selects three points
run("Select All");	
waitForUser("ROI Selection", "Select Points");
getStatistics(area, mean, min, max);

I want to know how to define my equations and get the data from measured box.
Your help is appreciated.

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Hi @R_M,

there was an earlier post he on the forum by @dnmason , which might be helpful for you:


So are you also trying to get data on the centers as well? I am unclear as to why you are using getStatistics. Will you be wanting to get all angles or just specific ones?

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did you search the Forum for “Law of Cosines”?

Please consider this post for a start: