How to perform white balance for multiple images


I have a series of color images of the mouth and I would like to perform segmentation on them for teeth/tissue.
The images are from different sources. To achieve color constancy a white balance operation should be performed on all of these images. How is this done in Fiji?

Thank you

The way I tend to go about doing this is by autobalancing (image-> adjust -> brightness and contrast) one representative image, recording what those values are (either by hand or with a macro command), and then using the ‘set’ function under the same brightness and contrast window.

if you have multiple images open at the same time, ‘set’ lets you ‘propogate to all other images’. if you have all your images in a stack, autobalancing one will do the rest at the same scale for you.

I hope that’s helpful. .

Definitely helpful! Thank you!