How to paste text on the image

Hello everyone!

I wanted to copy text from log window and paste it on the image. However, when I use either “paste” or “ctrl+V”, the text only got pasted into the clipboard. Anyone knows how to do it?

I was able to type the text directly to a text box on the image. However, to minimize the human error, I would like to know how to copy and paste.

Thank you for any suggestion you might offer!

I don’t know how to do that directly, but have you considered doing that in something like PowerPoint instead? Or are you trying to make a macro to automatically do this for many images?

I’m not sure how you intend to use the result, so I’m not sure if ImageJ is necessary.

You might also try running a macro like the following:

setFont("Sanserif", 20);
currentLog = getInfo("log");
makeText(currentLog, 30, 10);

Not really sure that works, but my best stab at it.

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I quite often add the text then Plugins > Utilities > Capture Image. It’s fast and easy.

Hi Mike, You are right that I am trying to make a macro. The code you provided works! Thank you very much!

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Hello Bob, thank you for reply and help! It did not quite solve my orignial problem but it is good to know ImageJ have this function!