How to open the images from JSRT database in ImageJ



I am trying to segment the lungs from the images of JSRT(Japanese Society of Radiological Technology) Database on MATLAB. I have read that the Database includes the manual segmentation from experienced radiologists. I think that that ground truth is encoded in the IMG images of the database. How do I get the ground truth from those images for comparing my result.


Can you post an example image? Without it, you’re basically asking the impossible unless someone has experience with that exact dataset.


I tried attaching the file. But an error message is popping up saying that .img is an un-authorized file type and only .jpg etc are allowed.


You can try to archive it into a zip file and/or dump it in a file sharing service (Dropbox, GDrive, mediafire, imgur &c) and post a link.



Yes. I have shared two images from the Database.

This is the link to the database :slight_smile: