How to open the Experiment file?



hi… I get a problem to open the excel format of the “experiment” data. would you please to give me any suggestion? Thanks


Translocation Assay Example

Would you mind providing more detail with the error that you receive?



Hi Martha…

I exported my “experiment” data to Excel. While opening it, Excel said that the error probably due to the number of column or row of the table is exceeding the Excel capacity. I don’t know how to divided the data to fit with the excel capacity.
Well, I hope somebody can help me now.




If you are only analyzing a small sample set, you can export the Experiment file by ‘rows’ rather than ‘columns,’ meaning that the Z and V factors are displayed one per row or column, respectively. However, if you plan to import the data into a database, it is best to export the Experiment file by ‘columns’.