How to open image which is in .scn format?

How to open image which is in .scn format?
I have been trying with FIJI imageJ pluggin , but couldn’t open the file.
Im attaching the file here that is in .scn format. I want to convert this file to analyze (.nii or .hdr) format (16.8 MB)

Try in Fiji: Plugins menu -> Bio-Formats -> Bio-Formats Importer.
Good luck.

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can you please try it with the image file attached here? I’m not able to do it

I can confirm, there seems to be a problem with the file format. Either the file itself is corrupted, or the .scn format has changed in such a way that BioFormats (and thus QuPath) can no longer read it.


@itsme I don’t know the source or your image nor how it is meant to look, but using File → Import → Raw… in Fiji with settings similar to these gives something that looks plausible:

Extracting the first 38 bytes as text reveals

512 512 77
0.488281 0.488281 1.250000

which gave a clue to the settings.

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Hi @itsme, do you know what software the file was originally generated from? Would it be a Leica SCN or a Bio-Rad SCN?