How to modify distribution of light in different images

Dear all,

I have several pictures that I need to analyse under the same settings, however, the light differs from one picture to another and alters the final results;

In other words, I have an image X where the illumination comes from the light bulb placed directly above the object that I am analysing, but in image Y, (same object, same settings) the light bulb is placed few centimetres on the right, making the illumination differ from picture X and altering the finals results when they should be the same.

Does someone now what can I do in order to ‘‘calibrate’’ the images for them to have the same amount/distribution of light?

Thank you

Good day Sandra Ink,

the most important prerequisite for successful image processing and image analysis is a good quality of the images, i.e. the image acquisition process needs to be optimized. Please be aware that if this process is suboptimal, it will take great post hoc processing effort to compensate for deficits and most often a compensation is impossible.

Uneven illumination can sometimes be reduced but perfect compensation is mostly out of reach. Have a look at “Process >> Subtrac Background…”.

I highly recommend to optimize the process of image acquisition:
Illumination, optics and camera.