How to merge (overlay) stack into one single image

I have a stack of 20 images that correspond to a timelapse, how can I overlap them into one single image?
Can I do this in Fiji?

*The timelapse is already as a stack. I just want to overlap them into one single image to visualise the overall result.

Thank you!!

Hello Vanessa -

Does Image > Stacks > Z Project... do what you need?

Thanks, mm

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Hi mountain_man,

Thank you for a very useful suggestion. I find that I never get all the events in the single image.
My best results have been with:
Z projection using standard deviation and selecting a subset of frames. But that means I don’t get to capture everything.

I’m trying to observe waves of fluorescence and I want to have an overall idea of where in the field of view they appear.

Do you have any ideas?

ps. I want this for visualisation (not for quantification)

You will have to do this in 4 runs as Fiji/ImageJ only handles 7 channels at a time.
Image > Color > Merge channels, and do images 1 thru 7, then 8 thru 15 and 16 thru 20.
Finally merge those 3 images into 1. It does not matter which image is in what channel if you only want an overall image.