How to merge an image stack via "projectPixels"?

Hello everyone,

I am developing an omero script which merges an image stack.
I intended to use the function “projectPixels” but I need a little help with this one.

What i did so far:
The user input are Image IDs, which are saved in an array. Then I want to merge each image over time (maximum intensity projection):

def sumPixels(client, conn, image):
Proj_service = conn.getProjectionService()
# get some Image information for the function --> output is correct
# arguments for projectPixels according to
Proj_service.projectPixels(#all necessary arguments)

Both functions are surrounded by try - catch.
Error message: ‘_BlitzGateway’ object has no attribute ‘getProjectionService’.

Any ideas how to?
Is the function still supported? (I am using omero.server 5.6.1)

Thanks in advance!


It seems we never added the wrapper for BlitzGateway.getProjectionService() but you can still use the underlying client.serviceFactory to create it:

proj_service = conn.c.sf.getProjectionService()


Thank you very much!
It´s working now.

Best regards,