How to measure vertical distances at set spacing between two polylines?

Dear all,
I hope the image below can explain what I would like to do. And certainly appreciate anyone who would direct me to a plugin or macro that can do this. Thank you very much in advance.


I invite you to read this:

and this

If you don’t mind, you can tell me, on the forum, if the results suit you. Thank you in advance.

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Dear Mathew,
Thanks much for the prompt response. I tried the Macro with the image you provided, and the results are as attached. It seems to change the background to black and many of the results show zero. But it seems to be getting there.

Results.csv (4.6 KB)
Catalina-1.tif (697.5 KB)

Dear Mathew,
Thanks much for the prompt response.
The macro you referred to seems to be getting there. Here is a sample image that I would like to work on. I drew a line on the surface of the bed. It is preferred that the bed is tilted like this so actual depth can be measured vertically.
image sample to be processed.tif (4.4 MB)

Thank you.

Just curious, how did you obtain the contour line?
(Is it manually drawn?)

Hi notQRV,
Yes, I drew it on a touch screen.


  • It appears that there are considerable deviations of this contour if one compares the left to the right portion … (Drawing fatigue?)
  • The image appears being not perfectly in focus,
    What camera do you use and how does it determine focus?
  • Regarding the tilting: Doesn’t it imply that you already know the regression line?
  • If the regression line is actually computed, you should know the vertical distances as well because they are used to compute the former – no?

Well, probably not the best way to get the line or the image. The image is given here just as a sample to test the job.
The angle of tilting was known, but still I would like to get a regression line from the curve, which isn’t necessarily the slope of the tilt.