How to measure the length,angle,width,interspacing between particles automatically?

I am characterizing an optical image. It has plate shaped hydride particles as shown in the attachment. I want measure the length, angle, width, inter spacing of each hydride. I am new to Image J. Based on internet search I tried using directionality J plugin,but it gives a histogram of orientation. Kindly suggest methods to achieve above goalhydride.tif (8.5 MB)


I am answering some of your questions:

After you crop smaller portions of your image.
Two explorations to do:

  1. Feret’s diameter The longest distance between any two points along the selection boundary, also known as maximum caliper. Uses the heading Feret . The angle (0–180 degrees) of the Feret’s diameter is displayed as FeretAngle , as well as the minimum caliper diameter ( MinFeret ). The starting coordinates of the Feret diameter ( FeretX and FeretY ) are also displayed ( see also Feret’s Diameter macro and Chamfer distances and Geodesic diameters plugin).
    2; Use the "ridge detection plugin