How to measure the distance between to coordinates in a stacked plot profile?

Hi everyone,

in need to measure the width of my samples and came up with the idea, to create a plot profile over all images in the stack. However, I found no solution on how to measure the distance between the coordinates at a certain grey value in all the plot profiles. Are there any macros or tricks known that could help me?

Thanks in advance

Here is a possibly helpful link (see also the links at the bottom of the page):

Thanks for the advise. However, this will only help me in detecting the peak maxima/minima in the plot, but will not allow me to measure the actual distance at a certain grey value. Any further ideas?

@Iza I think it would help if you would post an example or illustration what you are trying to archive so that the people in the forum could help you more efficiently.


I want to measure the distance between the two coordinates at the selected line at all images in the stack. This should give me an idea about the width change over time. However, I only get the coordinates of the selection itself, not from the actual grey values at the selection. I only need the edges of my sample, but i cant perform particle analyze on the images. Any ideas?

Hi @Iza,

I guess you want the two intersection x-coordinates of the yellow line with the black line of the graph, ignoring the two grey intersections. How is this different from finding the x-location two peak values (there will only be 2 troughs lower than 50 if you draw a profile across this line)?
Once you have the x-coordinates, it is a matter of (x2-x1) to find the distance?