How to measure Radial Standard Deviation on polarised cells?

Dear all,

I’ve been tasked to analyse images of neutrophils in polarised and non polarised states. The neutrophils are fairly easy to segment and you can see if they are polarised looking at their actin filaments: non polarised neutrophils have an homogenous distribution whilst polarised ones have more staining on one side of the cell than the other.
The paper of reference uses the Radial Standard Deviation, which is an Analysis function of IPlab software. What would be the best function in Fiji to measure such deviation?



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Hi @MatthieuV,

without having a look at the images in question, it might be hard to guess what might be the right tool. However, it sounds a bit like you should try the Directionality plugin.

If this goes in the wrong direction, would you mind sharing an example image?


Hi Robert,
Example polarised.tif (2.7 MB) Example unstimulated.tif (2.7 MB)
I’ll try the plugin, thanks! In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures. Channel1 is Hoechst/Nuclei, Channel2 defines cytoplasm and Channel3 is the actin.



I’ve had a little play and actually have found that CellProfiler’s MeasureObjectIntensityDistribution does just the job.

I love CellProfiler :slight_smile: