How to measure median intensity only in a ring around the nucleus

Hi,is there any way to define a region of interest in which I can measure the medium intensity of a certain channel which has the shape of a ring / doughnut?

If I identify nuclei, then expand the regions round the nuclei by distance - N, the result is a bigger region which includes the whole area of the nucleus.
What I would like to have instead, is just the ring between the nucleus and the outer region.

I would be really thankful if you could give me a hint.
Have a nice weekend!
Best, Ingo


You can do like this to have a ring:

  • IdentifyPrimaryObjects: a nucleus
  • ExpandOrShrinkObjects : an expanded nucleus
  • IdentifyTertiaryObject : larger objects = expanded nucleus , smaller object = nucleus.

The resulted object will be the doughnut.
Enjoy :slight_smile: .


Hi Minh, sometimes things can be so easy. Thank you very much for pointing me into the right direction!

Best, Ingo