How to measure distance between two moving nuclei in time-lapse video automatically

I have time-lapse imaging data with fluorescently labeled nuclei. I want to measure the distance change between the nuclei of two daughter cells during and following cell division. Does anybody have a script for doing so automatically? Thanks!

Dear Yunan,
one opportunity could be to find peaks in the image and calculate the euclidean distance between the peaks along time.
The real problem to tackle is how to define the two daughters cells, one really easy option could be to do it by hand.
If you would like, you could upload it here or send me a raw original time-lapse and I can try to provide you a plugin to perform this analysis.

Have a nice day,
Emanuele Martini

Dear Emanuele,
That’s so very kind of you. I really appreciate your reply and offer to help. A plugin will make my analysis so much easier and less ambiguous. My original data would be a video but I don’t think this forum allowed me to upload…

Could you please drop your email here to send you a video?

As to how to define the daughter cells, I think the shortest distance between two masses of fluorescence signal is what I’m after. So i’d like the output to be distance measurements at each corresponding time (frame) of the video.

Many thanks

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