How to measure cell length and width with MGX

Dear all,

Do you know how to measure cell length or width by MGX? After I constructed 3D cell mesh and successfully got cell volume and area heat map, but when I run followed: Heat map>Measure 3D>cell atlas and it showed an error. I don’t know what’s wrong with it and is it the right way to measure cell length or cell width?

PS: I have uploaded my data in google drive and the share link is blown. Thanks.

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really interested if you found a solution?
unfortunately i’m not an expert so i can’t really help. in fact, i’m still learning and that’s why i’m interested what could have gone wrong? thanks

Unfortunately not yet, there still exist some small problem I haven’t figured it out. Maybe you can find the answer in this link. As I also put the question here How to measure cell length and width with MorphGraphX