How to measure cell branches with cellprofiler


I am trying to measure the cell branches (length) by using cellprofiler3.0. My images were taken by bright field camera, and there was very low contrast between cell and background. I have tried to using different filter and adjusted threshold to pronounce the cell morphology, but did not succeed. Anyone can offer some help for this issue? Many thanks in advance.
1.tif (2.3 MB)

CellProfiler isn’t really great at brightfield imaging- you can try the EnhanceOrSuppressFeatures module, but if that doesn’t work you may want to consider enhancing the image with another piece of software before moving to CellProfiler. One great option for that is ilastik; you can check out this video tutorial to walk you through a tutorial that allows you to preprocess brightfield images in ilastik then analyze their measurements in CellProfiler.

Thank you very much. ilastik is a very powerful tool. Very helpful!