How to match maxima points with measurement result?

Hi, guys.

I used ‘Find Maxima’ function to extract local maximum peaks.
Through ‘Analyze’-‘Measure’, I got point information of all peaks, but it doesn’t match directly to the index from ‘Result’.
I want to know how to index points with numbers.

Can anybody help?


What do you mean ? In the Result table, I got for each index the X, Y coordiantes of each peak and the mean value (set in SetMeasurements).
Points in the Result table are sorted by ascending mean value.


Thank you for reply.
I’m sorry for making you confused.
I meant, I want them(index that shows X,Y coordinates) to automatically be assigned to the points in the image.

For example, there are not any number in the image(uploaded image).

But, I want numbers in the result table to be appeared next to the point which is assigned each index.

Thank you.


There is a trick, but not really elegant.
In the find Maxima, instead of choosing the “Point Selection” option, choose Single Point instead.
This will create a new image with each maximum represented with a point.
You can then make an Analyse Particule (with add to manager, show results and even a redirection options). You’ll be then able to display the label of each point thanks to the ROI Manager.



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Hello, sir.

It works!! I think I can use this method to label points.
I really appreciate your help!!