How to mark files obsolete on a Plugin update site

Our plugin recently has some incompatibility issues with the newest version of Fiji. We found that the plugin pushes older versions of jar files to Fiji during installation and update. We want to mark the unnecessary jars obsolete or delete those. However, the previous member who created the Plugin site has left the lab, so we don’t know if the update site he created has a credential or not for update.

I tried the mark obsolete steps shown on this page “

But, there is no “mark obsolete” option for the files on our site. I am wondering should I have an account or credential to be able to modify our plugin site? Or, how can I delete or mark obsolete for files on a plugin update site under

Indeed you need to set the user name associated to the update site in the updater so that it will allow you to modify files, and once you set obsolete it should prompt the password.
You can also ask a new user to be administrator of the update site, if your former colleague cannot give you the password for his account.
See Update Site Request - Development - Forum

Like below the column host is associated to my wiki user name.
You can double click this column to add a user name.

Here is the solution provided by the administrator and it works:

  1. Add the update site
  2. Mark all files from the site as Keep as-is (this allows us to make changes to the update site without installing anything yet)
  3. Mark the shadowed dependencies as obsolete
  4. Upload the changes to the update site, removing the shadowed jars.
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And just to clarify ‘generally’ for folks once again… for such a case:

  1. you cannot download and upload at the same time

  2. if you want to change between the two (downloading from update site but want to upload first), you first have to set all the changes to Keep as-is to get to a neutral state

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