How to load multichannel zvi file?


I have captured multidimensional images (phase and gfp) as compound images (both channels are in a single zvi file). Is there a way to load this zvi file into CellProfiler and split the channels? I am currently splitting/converting the images as Tiffs before loading into CellProfiler.


Hi John,

in LoadImages, you should be able to specify “tif,tiff,flex,zvi movies” under the “File type to be loaded”. This will allow you to specify the individual channels within the movie.

However, we’ve noticed that the ZVI loading functionality can be a bit flaky at times. If you are unable to load it, could you post the original ZVI, either packaged as a ZIP file, or provide a weblink to it via Dropbox or some such?


I was able to split the zvi file into individual channels using a Zeiss s/w and import it into CellProfiler. Crazy thing - using the same pipeline, I get very different results depending on whether I import zvi versus tiff version of the same zvi files. Why would this happen? I think the tiff are 8-bit.

Can you save the TIF files as 16-bit? Not sure if’s the culprit but it might help. In the AxioVision software I have, in the Export dialog, there’s a checkbox with “Convert to 8-bit” that you can uncheck. You might want to uncheck “Apply display mappings” as well.

You were right. Converting to 16-bit tiff and running the pipeline - no differences between zvi and tiff images.